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ICWA Goal:

ICWA's primary program goal is to provide an effective program that involves providing community and support services to families before the removal of the child is necessary. The ICWA program involves the community in parenting training, education, effective communication, constructive discipline, self-esteem and adolescent behavior. The services provided by the ICWA program include but are not limited to child abuse awareness and educational workshops, home visits and home support services, referral of services, recreational activities, and coordination of employment support services. The main goal is to strengthen Native American Families while contributing to family stability.

ICWA's strategy is to enhance the quality of family life through cultural awareness. Various methods enhance tribal pride through community workshops, activities and interaction that is made available by using positive role models. This includes elders, consultants, presenters, and other traditional experts. Families are encouraged to participate in obtaining additional knowledge about their Native American Indian Heritage.

The ICWA program involves implementing recreational activities which enhance self-esteem and promote self-confidence. Various methods help enhance tribal pride. Accomplishments and cultural sensitivity to the communities is made available on a quarterly basis. Recreational activities encourage the development of positive programs for the youth and the people in the community.

In addition, prevention is a part of the ICWA program that promotes a solid and healthy environment for the development of the children. Various strategies are addressed. This encourages as well as provides opportunities to the children and their parents or guardian.

ICWA Objective:

The main objective of ICWA is to maintain family unity and decrease the number of break-ups amongst tribal families. This is done by providing home visits and implementing support services to risk families. Some of the services that are offered will assist with reducing family conflict or dysfunction in an effort to reunite and enhance family unity. The development of workshops, community activities, and recreational activities is based on cultural relevance to the community. This is to be done on a quarterly basis. Other administrative contract requirements, including developing quarterly reports, child neglect and abuse reports, referrals to other agencies, and other required information are used to evaluate the delivery of preventive services.

Social Services Goal:

Social Services primary goal is to provide child welfare and family casework to families. The Social Services program involves developing casework plans involving children, adults and families, promotion and focus on the well being of families and children. This is done by working closely with various child welfare cases. Reunification of families promotes bringing families back together. The services provided by the Social Services program include but are not limited to child abuse, child neglect and the removal of children from the home environment if necessary.

Social Services involves the understanding and logic of what is involved. This is determined by the needs of the program's goal. The program's goal focuses on what benefits are to be provided in order to fulfill positive results. Eligibility criteria focus on the services and benefits that are provided by Social Services. The social welfare program is implemented by the policies that are in effect. This produces the overall result of the values that are in effect. Certain goals address the problems and fulfill the needs by promoting and improving the lives of the people in the community. A wide range of problems are addressed through education and socialization.

The strategy is to enhance the Social Services program by coordinating services with other agencies in order to provide the best services for Social Services clients. Daily casework involves the complex problems of children and adults, including elders. These problems require fulfilling the demands and referrals of complex problems. General Assistance is provided to qualified Native American people. Social summaries, case summaries, monthly and quarterly reports are done. Home visiting promotes and develops a healthy relationship between the parent(s) and child(ren). Social Services provides our Indian people with the best needed services.

Social Services Objective:

The main objective is to provide an effective delivery of services to improve the social, economic, physical and emotional well-being of eligible Native Americans. Social Services evaluates and maintains efficiency in the implementing of the program on a daily basis. Social Services requires effectiveness to the extent that the program accomplishes its goals. The efficiency and implementation of the program requires finding the appropriate and most economical answer to an issue. The implementing of the program involves confidentiality and self-determination in obtaining and improving service provision.

The Social Services program provides home visits, referrals, various resources and services to people in the community. Burials, Adult Institutional Care, Foster Home Care and other Child Care programs are in effect. In addition, other administrative contract requirements are development of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, referrals and assistance to other agencies as well as other required information to evaluate the delivery of services.

In conclusion, both the ICWA program and the Social Services program not only provide but allow for the development of a stronger Family Support Service for the risk families.

Social Worker
Chesarae Christean

Social Services/ICWA Secretary
Tami Bahe

ICWA Coordinator